We purchase following food commodities of of highest standard and quality:
Commodity: Monthly demand: Origin:
Blue poppy seed 400 MT CZ, TR, NL, FR
Raw Peanuts 200 MT CN, AR
Sesame seeds 160 MT IN
Desiccated coconut 300 MT ID, PH, LK, VN
Raisins red and yellow 500 MT AF, TR
Prunes (pitted and natural) 200 MT AR, CL, FR, US
Dried Apricots 150 MT TR, TJ
Vanillin 20 MT CN
Gelatine 40 MT CN
Cocoa powder 400 MT EU
Modified starches 300 MT DE, US
Dextrose monohydrate 40 MT DE
Maltodextrin DE 10-15 40 MT FR
Glucose syrup 40 MT DE
Potato starch 400 MT DE, PL
Tapioca starch 150 MT TH, VN
Speciality fats 250 MT MY, EU, ID
Dehydrated fruit dices 100 MT TH
Almonds and almond slices 20 MT ES, US
Cashew 20 MT IN
Pistachio 20 MT USA
Hazelnut kernels 20 MT TR
Walnuts 40 MT IN, UA, FR
Agar-agar 20 MT CL, MA, IT
Non - dairy whipping cream 100 MT BE, IT
Sweet whey 40 MT FR
Milk powder 100 MT BY, NZ
Instant egg white 20 MT IN, BE
Your offers for our standard commodities are welcome to email: krajcova@kremlin-ebusiness.cz

We truly value our suppliers and we are proud to be able to work with prestigious global brands such as Cargill group, ADM, Barry Callebaut and others.
Cargill produces and distributes crop nutrients and feed ingredients to farmers, livestock producers and animal feeders. We originate and process grain, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities for distribution to makers of food, feed and other products. Cargill collaborates with food manufacturers, food service, distributors and retailers with a focus on customer and consumer benefits. Cargill offers insights in food and beverage ingredients, meat and poultry products, and food applications that help customers succeed.
Barry Callebaut has been producing cocoa and chocolate products for more than 150 years. We are a fully integrated company that masters every step from the sourcing of cocoa beans to the shelf. We are proud to serve the entire food industry, whether it be industrial food manufacturers, professional users of our products or retailers.
Unifood.cz s.r.o. bought an object of agricultural commodities cleaner in Central Bohemia near Nymburk town. This object was outdated; therefore the associates decided to renovate it in order to increase the capacity and quality of provided services. The company offered to all established customers to take over their contracts of work concluded with previous owner.
The company offer following services to its customers: cleaning, packing, storage, laboratory tests.
ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) Company was founded in 1902 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The company has long been recognized as a quality supplier of bulk commodity ingredients, now being a leading worldwide provider of nearly 1.000 ingredients for virtually every food application. It is one of the biggest producers of the cocoa powder all over the world. Their factories and branch offices are possible to find in 26 states (in the U.S.A., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific rim).
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